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Providing a platform where performers and audiences of all ages are inspired to celebrate the techniques, creative powers and fusion of dance movement.

Tristan Rodney


A world where the primary impulse to move is honored and nurtured.

Performing Artist: Tristan Rodney. Photo Credit: Supreme Dream Photography

Lacy Brent


ARGA NOVA DANCE / Beckles Dancing Company

Beckles Dancing Company was founded in May 1995 by André R. George, the gifted dancer, teacher and choreographer whose career spanned the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean.  The ensemble was formed as  nova … dancers’ company!  with twelve dancers and gave its debut at the Theatre on Elm Street (ToES) in Dallas, TX in November that year.


After Mr. George's death the following year, Mr. Beckles assumed the leadership of the company and calling it Nova Dancing Company.  As of 1 April 2004, the company is called Beckles Dancing Company!

This is a cosmetic change, as the legal name has been, and will remain, ARGA NOVA DANCE.  The new name reflected the fiftieth birthday of Artistic Director, Loris Anthony Beckles; his survival for five years past a major health crisis; and the honoring of his family name.

Performing Artist: Lacy Brent. Photo credit: Supreme Dream Photography

Since 1995, BDC has presented dance concerts to diverse Texas audiences.  The company has danced in various venues, including the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas Museum of Art, South Dallas Cultural Center, Dallas Public Library, HCC Central in Houston and the Carpenter Arts Center in Irving.  We have been the guest of Momentum Dance Company, Real Women Dancing in Nacogdoches TX, Contemporary Dance/Forth Worth and the Houston Black Dance Festival.  BDC has also appeared in Austin.


The André R. George Association was founded in 1997 to support and promote dance and related Arts and Issues.  It presents dance companies, festivals, lectures, etc. that build community and understanding.  ARGA is dedicated to the memory of André R. George, the gifted dancer, teacher and choreographer and founder of Beckles Dancing Company.



His company, Beckles Dancing Company, gives regular performances in Dallas and other parts of Texas. In the summer of 2005, he restaged Suite Beauty, Parts I and II, and did a new work, SR70II, in Trinidad, W. I. In the spring of 2006 he choreographed Dive Slow Resurface on the Momentum Dance Company (MDC) in Irving TX.  2008 brought Spring from The Four Seasons to the Vivaldi music.  2011 he choreographed Shut Blue Hey on MDC, with Second Movement (Ravel/Herbie Hancock) and Headlong (John Adams) in 2015. 


Loris is pleased to share that they staged the first section of his first work in Trinidad, Cantobello Daydream (1985) last year, and plan to do all three sections this year, 2024. His recent work includes Chamber Music, and upcoming is the premiere of Fahrenheit Afternoon.  

Loris Anthony Beckles

Guyana, South America


Loris has studied ballet, modern dance, jazz and a taste of African dance; performed with lots of companies including the Syracuse Ballet Theater, Capitol Ballet, Eleo Pomare Dance Company, Joan Miller Dance Players and the Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble (now Ailey II).  He has taught in the U.S., the Caribbean and in Europe; and choreographed just about wherever he stayed long enough.

Loris Beckles
Cece by Ken_studio.jpg

LaCentheah "CeCe" Bagley
Assistant Artistic Director


Dedra Brent
Managing Director


Dedra Brent is a native of Dallas, TX. She graduated high school from Ursuline Academy and received her Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology from The University of Texas at Dallas. She has had a career in corporate America and is currently an independent contractor in sales, part-time nanny and an administrative assistant.

Dedra comes from a family of artists and was a musician herself. This love of the arts led to introducing her daughters Lacy Brent and Layla Brent-Tompkins, both former members of Beckles Dancing Company, to the world of dance.

Dedra is the current Managing Director of Beckles Dancing Company and the coordinator of the annual Sweatt Dallas Dance Festival.  

Dedra Brent.heic



  • Prestige

  • Personal fulfillment

  • Opportunity to serve in the growth of BDC


Board of Trustees

Loris Anthony Beckles

Dedra Brent

Tarviant Campbell

Michael Richardson

Tiffani Furlough Rogers

Board of Trustees
Advisory Panel


Helena L. Banks

Vicki Meek

Kamyar P. Kadivar


Karen Bower Robinson

​Amanda Stone

Mary Lois Sweatt 

Trustee Emerita

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