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Performing Artist: LaCentheah "CeCe" Bagley  |  Hendrix Wesley Photography


Dancing is our middle name
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Summer break!

 No classes until August

Are you interested in auditioning?

Tristan Rodney in Night Spell by Eleo Pomare

Dance Artist: Tristan Rodney in Night Spell by Eleo Pomare at SDCC. Photo Credit: Kendrix Wesley

At BDC, we'll gratefully accept donations of any amount via or CashApp at $AndBdc

Layla in Duet #2 at Dance Planet 2021


Providing a platform where performers and audiences of all ages are inspired to celebrate the techniques, creative powers and fusion of dance movement.

Layla Brent-Tompkins by Cathy Vanover Photography

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Lacy Brent in gallery at SDCC

Lacy Brent by Dedra Brent

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